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  • We guide clients in making long-term capital investments in infrastructure
  • The benefits of McClure: McClure began as a traditional civil engineering firm, so we have employees with direct knowledge of the process



  • Capital Campaigns: Assess potential funding sources and support the community in securing the capital necessary to bring projects to fruition
  • On-Going Operations: Mentor community leaders in financially sustaining established and emerging amenities



  • Creative Placemaking: Conceptualize a long-term vision for the community’s amenities and develop real, specific actions to implement the vision immediately
  • Visioning: Generate a direction for the community and future investments based on residents’ needs, hopes, and desires

Creative Services

Creative Services

  • Branding: Boost community identity and strengthen civic pride
  • Marketing: Accelerate population and economic growth with a strategy to tell the community’s story



  • Coding Academies: The future is online! Coding academies train tomorrow’s workforce remotely.
  • 3D Printing: The future of housing is 3D printed.



  • Master Planning: Build a blueprint for the community’s future and formulate initial action steps
  • Business Planning:Design initial business models for proposed entities to ensure long-term sustainability



  • Keynotes: Inspire community action and demonstrate economic impact of placemaking
  • Workshops: Run events to spark community dialogue and collaboration
  • Facilitation: Manage leadership retreats, strategic planning sessions, and more to maximize growth opportunities

Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording

  • Graphic Recording: Icons, words, and images presented visually to represent complex concepts
  • Live Illustration: Visual notes from a presentation, conference, etc., done live during the event


Nearly every community, regardless of size, in rural America has a housing shortage. Before we can do the fun stuff like cultural centers, restaurants and brewery creation, if there’s nowhere to live, these amenities don’t matter. The housing shortage is caused by a number of factors, the largest being the gap it costs for a developer to build a new home or apartment and the average amount rural homeowners and renters will pay. We have several solutions to address this concern, from creating revolving loan funds at a county-wide level, to new cost-effective building technology to incentives for developers and their tenants to help build new units for rural revitalization.

Assess existing housing stock and needs, screen potential development sites, and and design funding mechanism(s) to develop modern rental units and single family homes.

The Rural Housing Crisis

So many people wanted to know about free land in Iowa that a small town had to unplug its phone line

Restaurants & Breweries

Brewing Up a Storm

U.S. Breweries Top 5,300 As Craft Beer Makers Ride Double-Digit Gains


We work with a host of national restaurant experts to determine style of restaurant, cuisine, menu creation, FOH/BOH staff training, ownership structure, business model, financing, and location.


We investigate potential market success, recommend brewery location, forecast capital and operational costs, and lead stakeholders from concept to opening.

Cultural Centers

We can map assets of local arts scene by discipline to determine size, scope, and programming of venue, design space to accommodate all types of activities, such as daycare, restaurant/retail, after school programming, makerspaces, audio recording, and spaces for live music, gallery shows, performances, rentals, education, and culinary activities.

Des Moines Social Club

From classes to concerts, improv comedy to classical theater, art exhibits to aerial acrobatics — the Des Moines Social Club offers something for everyone!

Youth Programs

America’s Child Care Deserts

Fifty-eight percent of rural tracts qualify as child care deserts.


We quantify existing childcare openings, assess current and future needs, and build partnerships and raise funds to expand daycare offerings.


We assess current opportunities, survey youth to determine desired activities, identify preferred space and partners, conceptualize organizational structure (for- or nonprofit), and build business model, including funding sources.

Recreational Facilities


We assess existing health center offerings and gaps, understand community needs and size and interest of potential user base, identify location and operator, and create programming


Advance community connectivity and health outcomes while enriching economic development opportunities


Identify target locations, design spaces to grow social connections and support better health outcomes, work with community partners to achieve necessary approvals, and secure funding for construction


Design and locate facilities and create funding stack of public and private monies

Transforming Tulsa, Starting with a Park

A bold combination of play and landscape transforms Tulsa’s open spaces into a community gathering space.

Retail and Grocery

How Many People Shop Online?

96% of Americans shop online.


Downtown retail has struggled for decades to remain relevant. The rapid increase in online sales as well as big box stores have hurt the rural economy. We believe, however, that rural retail can come roaring back by creating “touch services” – goods/services that cannot be purchased online: Barbers, Salons, Restaurants, Cultural Experiences, Medical Services are some of the services we help grow, retain and/or create in small communities.


Another major need in rural communities where folks often travel great distances to buy their groceries. We are working with several major grocery retailers on weekly delivery services to refrigerated locker systems to help meet this need.



Detect unmet community demands, select optimal space, layout business model, and collaborate with local industry leaders to open doors


Uncover community needs, identify preferred location, build business model, and program space


Screen talent shortages, craft program to address targeted profession, and, as possible, secure funding commitments to support programs

Jobs Are Plentiful but Workers Are Not

 “…the No. 1 thing holding back growth is labor — every time.”

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